Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a prescription for DermaZinc? 

No. All of our DermaZinc® products are sold over the counter. You can purchase directly from us via this website or by phone. You can also purchase from a variety of pharmacies throughout the country. We do recommend for those suffering from severe chronic skin conditions, consider speaking with a professional about the use of prescription strength DermaZinc®


How are you supposed to use the soap? 

Use it as you would any other soap or shampoo. Work up a rich lather using warm water and massage gently into the affected area. Rinse Well. DermaZinc is to be used daily in place of your regular soap.


What are the ingredients? 

The ingredients of DermaZinc Soap are (as listed in order)

Active Ingredient: (2%) Zinc Pyrithione
Other Ingredients: Palm oil, coconut oil, deionized water, sodium hydroxide, glycerine, zinc oxide, organic oatmeal, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, salt, vitamine E. 


Is DermaZinc scented? 

DermaZinc soap does not contain any fragrances. However, It has a very light scent from the natural ingredients, but it will not leave a scent lingering on the skin.