One DermaZinc Cream - Specially formulated to help treat chronic skin conditions.
DermaZinc® Cream
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DermaZinc® Cream

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Simple, Portable Cream

Zinc Therapy Cream 4 oz (114 g)

What it is: Our Zinc-based, over the counter cream formulated to treat chronic skin conditions

Why it's special:

  • Keeps Outbreaks at Bay: DermaZinc® is clinically shown to be the most effective zinc formula on the market for keeping flare-ups at bay, which means no more trial and error.
  • ​​Moisturizing: DermaZinc® Creams moisturizing formula helps by not only healing the affected area but also moisturizing the skin so your relief lasts even longer.
  • Safe for Adults and Children: DermaZinc®'s gentle cleansing formula makes it safe for daily use so you can use it on little ones or yourself without drying out your skin

What it works for:

DermaZinc® Cream is extremely effective at treating red, flaky, itchy, scaly skin associated with mild to moderate cases of eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. Because it works to moisturize skin, it can be used with any soap to help counteract the irritants found in the soap. 

For best results, use DermaZinc® Cream with DermaZinc® Soap. Most traditional soaps irritate the skin. But when you use DermaZinc® Cream and Soap, your skin is able to rapidly heal instead of being attacked by the irritants. It can be used daily by both adults and children.

Dermatologist tested and recommended, formulated without fragrance or alcohol